The Real Estate Metaverse

Buy virtual land and become a metaverse developer. Cities such as Paris, London, and New York are available at wholesale prices and can be subdivided into thousands of smaller Spots (neighborhoods and landmarks) that you can sell individually as NFTs. Spots can be used as digital homes, offices, or stores.

A Spot is your own private space in the metaverse. Customize it and create the perfect place to relax, hang out, work, or have fun. You can even mint it to the blockchain as an NFT. Watch the video below for a preview:

Buying a Spot gives you free access all of the services in our metaverse, including:

  • Bid on digital art using the free SpotCoins you are given. You can then mint the paintings as NFTs and sell them for real money.
Concerts and Karoake
  • Each city and town has a concert hall and karaoke bar that our NFT owners can use.
Yacht Parties
  • Fun and adventure in our ocean metaverse.
Virtual Pets
  • Adopt a dog, cat, horse, koala, and more.
Memory Rooms
  • Use your most important photos and videos to create a virtual walk down memory lane that you can share with your friends and family.
Virtual Offices
  • Work remotely in the metaverse so you have all the benefits of a real office, but get to stay home. Co-work effortlessly using video, audio, screen sharing, meeting rooms, calendars, group chats, team project lists, and live collaboration tools.
 Virtual Stores
  • Open your own metaverse store and be part of the future of ecommerce.
  • Gamble on blackjack, slots, poker, and roulette using play money.
  •  3D video games.
Movie Theater
  • Watch films in a virtual theater.
Virtual Dates
  • Romance the man or woman of your dreams in cyberspace.
Art Gallery
  • Walk around and browse our digital paintings, or upload your own artwork or NFT collection to share with others.
NFT City Artwork
  • Each Spot comes with a unique AI-generated digital painting of your city that you can mint as an NFT.
Show Off Your NFT Collection
  • Create a shareable profile page displaying your images.
NFT Display Cases
  • Put your NFT in a virtual 3D display case


  • Yes, cities, towns, Spots, and landmarks will all be NFTs that you can buy and sell on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.
  • You can choose to be a developer, speculator, or a little of both. By getting in early, you are buying undeveloped metaverse real estate at a bulk wholesale price. Your land is split into hundreds of smaller Spots (neighborhoods and landmarks) that you can sell to individual users. A small number of these sales will pay for the cost of your land, and the rest is profit. For example, if you buy Springfield, Illinois for $1,000, you could earn $10,000 by selling 100 Spots (for an average of $100 each), and still have many more left to sell. Also, because your entire city or town is an NFT, you can decide to sell it at any time, which means you can make a profit if land values increase.
  • You can promote it yourself via social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc., but you will also get potential buyers from the general marketing that we do. If they come to and want to buy in your city, you get the money from it.
  • Yes, we can hook you up with somebody for that.
  • To start with, we will offer all of the 20,000 cities and towns in the USA. We will then expand internationally.
  • Yes, for NFT holders. Website design is free. Hosting is free. NFTs are free. Metaverse stores and offices are free. Memory Rooms are free. It is all free. If you own a city, town, or Spot you will be given a certain amount of SpotCoins in your wallet. You can use these in the metaverse. The amount of SpotCoins you get should be enough for whatever you need, but if you run out, you can buy more.
  • Using US Census blocks, which are basically small neighborhoods. Landmarks will be made available using various geographic databases.
  • Yes, even if you never sell any Spots, the value of your NFT city/town may increase over time, and you can sell it for a profit.
  • You will be given a private metaverse room where you can create a virtual walk down memory lane to share with your friends and family. They do not need to be part of MetaSpots, just send them the URL of your memory room so they can view it. 
  • Yes, a Spot can be used to open a store in the metaverse.
  • Yes, a Spot can be for personal use or business. Work remotely from your virtual office in our metaverse and also take advantage of all the other non-business services we offer. We provide you with all the tools you need to work from home as part of a team, just like you were actually in an office. Roadmap:

  1. Phase 1

    Cities and towns are offered for sale to metaverse real estate developers and speculators.

  2. Phase 2

    Metaverse construction will be completed and city/town owners will be given early access to it.

  3. Phase 3

    Cities and towns will be subdivided into Spots (neighborhoods and landmarks) for sale to the public. Social Media is Presented by

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